John Blek & The Rats announce the release of their second album, ‘Borders’

An album that captures the band shaking off their ramshackle beginnings and committing to tape a collection of new songs with a cohesive sonic richness, that embrace a fuller, fuzzier sound while striking a balance between experimentation and the tunefulness for which they have become known.

This is the sound of John Blek & The Rats exploring their own musical chemistry, a band evolving, breaking down barriers and crossing new ‘Borders’.

New Video - Dead Friends

Check out the video for 'Dead Friends', the latest from our most recent album 'Borders'.

'Dead Friends' is an ode to all the friends and family we have lost prematurely as a result of poor mental health and well being. It is an effort to describe that haunting feeling after the loss of a loved one, seeing their face upon that of a stranger and searching for solace by the side of a grave.

The accompanying video is a depiction of the anguish, confusion and torture of a sufferer. An attempt to make visual those thoughts and woes.

“If mental health becomes more of an everyday issue, that matters to us all, then the stigma attached to getting help can be reduced. While Irish society will continue to experience considerable change and face new challenges ahead, a mentally healthier society will be much better able to cope.” -Health Service Executive

Video by Brian Hassett - In Bloom Agency.

Germany Tour - June 2016

Announcing our upcoming German tour this June in conjunction with Tonetoaster Records.

We will be also joined by special guest Malojian for the shows from 06/06 to 11/06.

02/06 - Gasthaus Sutter - Zweibrucken
03/06 - Anlagencafé - Schwäbisch Hall
04/06 - Kesselhaus - Lauenau
05/06 - Pooca Bar - Hamburg
06/06 - Tonfink Kulturcafé - Lubeck
07/06 - Substanz - Leipzig
08/06 - Nerly Cafe - Erfurt
09/06 - Private Concert - Langenburg
11/06 - Static Roots Festival - Oberhausen


Thanks to the Irish Times for the kind words for our new record 'Borders', out on 18th September.

The title may be misleadingly topical as may be the somewhat disconcerting preoccupation with morbidity, but that should not deter investigation of this impressive second album by the six-piece Cork band.

While their debut made good currency out of leanings, these nine tracks are more cohesive and mature, with echoes of The Jayhawks.

The title is taken from the opening ballad Guard My Borders, which is redolent of that excellent British band The Leisure Society, but these borders are more personal than political.
John Blek’s voice carries a tinge of sadness with storyteller insight and Robbie Barron’s guitar a snarl of menace. The sound is filled out with David Murphy’s pedal steel and Anna Mitchell’s atmospheric keyboards (her 2015 solo album was equally noteworthy).

A band on the up.

★ ★ ★ ★
— The Irish Times