John Blek & The Rats announce the release of their second album, ‘Borders’

An album that captures the band shaking off their ramshackle beginnings and committing to tape a collection of new songs with a cohesive sonic richness, that embrace a fuller, fuzzier sound while striking a balance between experimentation and the tunefulness for which they have become known.

This is the sound of John Blek & The Rats exploring their own musical chemistry, a band evolving, breaking down barriers and crossing new ‘Borders’.


Check out our brand new video for 'Wandering Child', the first single from new album 'Borders'.

Filmed at  Leap Castle, Roscrea in Ireland, which is often referred to as "the world's most haunted castle'. 

Directed by Barra Vernon. 

Filmed by Barra Vernon, Brian Cronin and Justin McCarthy and starring Sherelle Kelleher.

Wandering Child is released Friday 14th August and available to download from all online outlets.

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FREE download available at Written and performed by John Blek & the Rats. Wandering Child is one of the 9 songs on their second album entitled "Borders" Videography by Barra Vernon, Brian Cronin & Justin McCarthy. Directed by Barra Vernon.